Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop S3601

There is nothing as cleaning on a stint without disturbs. You tend even to become more facilitated with the flexibility you enjoy by doing so and, you’d also be able to maximize your time, you know? And, that’s the more reason you need our Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop S3601 model.

You can determine the level of water dispense with this. There are three determinants on it that you can leverage to regulate the water dispense.

Besides, the unit can heat your water in 30sec. And that’s not all; the tank is of XL ounces capacity. Invariably, you can use this flexibly. The microfiber pads on this are removable. There are functions on it that make that so easy.

It’s one that you can use on all kinds of floor. And, if you’re using it for laminated floors, it’s expedient that you use it for one that features polyurethane. This is an addition that would indicate if the laminated floor is safe for steam cleaning.

Nonetheless, the steam is controllable with the options that are on it. The manual that comes with it even makes the whole process easier.

You can use the unit distinctively with the aid of the manual at any time. So, let’s check out the features that one should always look out for with the purchase of this product.

Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop S3601 Review| 5 Major Features:

1. DesignThe Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop S3601

The dimension of this mop is 12 x 5.9 x 51.2 inches and weighs 4.7 pounds on delivery. The joint only occurs at the spot where the microfiber is connected to the handle.

And, the tip of handle is often about 48” distance far away from the microfiber pad. This is to make it viable for weakened users. Besides, this one uses automatic steamer.

In other words, the steam is evenly distributed across the microfiber. It does that when it comes in contact with any surface. The tank used is a durable plastic and contains about 40 ounces of water so that prospective users can have the best use of it.

2. Super-heated Steamer

This unit is usable without the steaming method. The significance of the steaming option is to augments its versatility in cleaning your homes.

Nevertheless, this product has a power cord that’s 22ft long. You can move around comfortably with always. And, it works with power outlets of 110V-120V. There steaming can occur within a minute.

There are three steam settings that you can use on this unit. The setting option you opt for at a point in time would also determine the water dispense. Howbeit, for the sterilizing of the floor, setting 1 & 2 are the best.

You’d always need to ensure that you pass through several spots in many passes so that you can remove the lingering water awesomely.

3. Accessories

Although there is next to no difference among Shark products, yet the numbers of accessories that come with each of them make them is different.

In addition, two microfiber heads come with the delivery of this product. One is rectangular in shape, while the other has a triangular shape.

Also, the last sets are the washable microfiber pocket pads, both for the rectangular one and the triangular pad. Nevertheless, you can use any of them on all kinds of surfaces. It’s one that you won’t find difficulties identifying with the aid of the manual that comes with it.

4. Functionalities

Shark Professional Mop S3601 buying GuideSome provisions make the changing of the pads easy. You can identify each of the functions discreetly. Yes! It has a snap that connects the handle to any of the microfiber heads.

Nonetheless, the three setting options are at the conspicuous part of the unit also. You can, as well, use the manual to identify where each of the functions is situated on the mop.

Of course, the functions are not many, so there won’t be complexity whatsoever when using it. This product is singly made of plastic, yet it’s reliable to do.

5. Brand

The brand is one of the best in the marketplace. The product has been in the market for years, and they have been reigning in the market. As a matter of fact, they are one that offers one of the best services in the industry that anyone can trust at point in time.

Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop S3601 Instructions

Shark Professional Instructions

1. Use of Water Only

Just like any other steam cleaner, this uses water only. The instructions on the manual don’t validate the use of chemical whatsoever. The steaming of the water is enough to sterilize your home to make it suitable for living.

2. Avoidance of Leftover Dabs of Water

Regardless of the spot you’re working on at a point in time; you’re expected to clean distinctively. The separate heads that come with it make it easy to clean and to wipe-off spots until it’s dried.

3. Cleaning the Microfiber Heads

The microfiber heads ought to be cleaned after every cleaning of surfaces. The constant cleaning of the microfiber head would always make your cleaning activity to be lucid and disallow the extension of stains from one phase to another.

4. Contacting the Manufacturer

You’re expected to contact the manufacturer once you encounter shortages/dysfunction whenever you’re unraveling the package. Moreover, there are contacts provided on the manual which you can use to get information across to them.

5. List of Surfaces

The manufacturer identified the surfaces that you can use this for in the instruction booklet. You can use this for marble, tiled, stone, cement, linoleum, porcelain, hardwood, bamboo, and laminated floors.

Product Benefits
  • This is a lightweight unit that you can lug around easily.
  • The steamer comes with two heads and pocket pads.
  • The power cord of this unit is 22ft long.
  • You can rely on this in a serene environment. It doesn’t constitute nuisances.
  • The technology used for its design enables the even distribution of steam across the microfiber head.
  • There are three settings designated for the use of the steam function.
  • The unit has all the fundamental features that make it compatible with the premium ones in the marketplace.
The Negative Things
  • None.

Final Verdict

The Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop is the best you can think of if you look for one with affordable prices. It has the unique futuristic that anyone can rely on to have the unlimited use of a product. In a nutshell, the steam can remove 99.9% gems from your floor.