Light N Steam Mop Review

We need to come up with this Light N Easy Steam Mop review because of its excellent features. So, we are introducing this portable steam mop to you. Let’s start with a joker. This mop produces steam that’s hot enough to kill 99.9% of bacteria and germs on your floor.

So, it does not only clean the floor; it also sanitizes the floor. Secondly, the mop weighs only 6.3 pounds. So, it is ideal for children and aged ones.

You can use the device to clean garments, furniture, kitchen, and bathroom because of its high efficiency. The device is smart. No steam will come out of it in an upright position. This is because it is expected to be stored in an upright position.

Also, you can use any of its three settings. There are high, medium, and low steam settings. You can also use it for the deep cleaning of your upholstery. Most importantly, its current Amazon rating of 4.3 stars says it all. Now, let’s start with the review.

Light N Easy Steam Mop Review | 5 Major Features:

1. It kills germs and bacteriaLight N Easy Steam Mop

The mop heats the water to 110 degrees Celsius, so it has the ability to kill off up to 99.9% of the microorganisms and bacteria on the surface that you are cleaning.

So, we don’t need to remind you that germs cannot survive 110 degrees Celsius heat.  That doubles the function of this steam mop. It cleans and sanitizes your apartment.

With this mop around, you don’t need to sanitize your apartment with harsh chemicals. The mop will do the job for you with steam. So, we recommend it for homes with children and pets.

2. The mop heats water fast

When you plug it and turn it on, it takes just a minute or less to heat the water to about 110 degrees Celsius, so you don’t have to wait for long. You can quickly mop your floor before you leave for work.

Imagine a situation where your baby spills her milk just when you are about to take her to the crèche and also head for work. This super-fast steam mop will come to your rescue. The steam will be ready in just a minute, and you can quickly clean the affected area.

3. It uses less water

It sprays the least amount of water possible to clean and sanitize each spot. This is why your floor will get dry within a very short time after mopping it with this steam mop. You don’t have to keep off the mopped area for long.

4. The mop has three settings

Best Light N Easy Steam Mop

We understand that different types of floors require different heat levels. So, we are glad that this steam mop comes with three settings. You can use the high, medium, or low setting.

It depends on the surface you are cleaning or sanitizing. So, you now know why this device is versatile. It is ideal for sealed wood, laminate, vinyl, stone, ceramic, grout, tile, or marble flooring.

You can also use it for your kitchen, bathroom, fabrics, and even your furniture. Trust us, if we tell you that this mop does more than its price. It is true. It isn’t an exaggeration, and neither is it a marketing trick. We are just telling you what we noticed.

5. It is lightweight

The device is very light. The major advantage of being light is that you can easily carry it for a long time without any stress on your hand.

You may not appreciate its lightness when mopping the floor because most of the weight is borne by the floor.

But when you are cleaning your furniture or your kitchen counter top, or any other part of your apartment that requires you to raise the steam mop, you’ll appreciate how light it is. All the weight of the device will be borne by you then.

Instruction on the Use of the Light N Easy Steam Mop

Instruction on the Use of the Light N Easy Steam Mop

1. Check its accessories

Whenever your steam is delivered to you, the first thing to do is to open the pack and confirm if the accessories are complete. Sometimes while packaging orders, some accessories are missed out.

The accessories of every appliance are usually listed on their user manual/guide. Nevertheless, we have listed the accessories of this steam mop below.

  • User guide
  • Measuring flask
  • Microfiber pad
  • Mop head with its cable
  • Glider attachment
  • A handle

If any accessory is missing, contact the distributor immediately.

2. Read user manual

The user manual isn’t a formality. It is meant to guide you. Hence, you’ll be better informed on the product if you read the guide to the end before you start using it.

3. There may be a Delay in Steam Production

If you have not used your mop for months, it may take a longer time for water to get to the heater from the pump. This does not mean that the mop is faulty. Pump the handle a few times to quicken things up.

4. Take note of the troubleshooting section

The troubleshooting section is on page 10 of the user manual. So, if there is any problem with the steam mop, you may want to search for the solution on the page.

5. Use with caution

Read all the safety precautions and follow them to the letter.  The steam produced by this mop is very hot. So, it should never come in contact with anybody’s skin.

Hence, make sure the area you are mopping is restricted from access. You don’t want your kid or pet to run into you while using the mop.

Product Benefits
  • This steam mop is light. It weighs only 6.3 pounds.
  • Its power cord is considerably long.
  • You can use any of its three settings.
  • It uses less water to clean surfaces.
  • The device is versatile. You can use it for different types of flooring.
  • It won’t spill any steam when in an upright position.
  • The mop heats water fast.
  • It also cleans germs.
  • An Amazon rating of 4.3 stars confirms its quality.
  • It will produce steam only when your finger is on the button. This helps to prevent burns.
The Negative Things
  • Its water tank is not so large.
  • The device comes with only one cleaning pad.

Final Verdict

To wrap up this Light N Easy Steam Mop review, we will recommend it to anyone. The device offers much more than its price. And when you check its features, you’ll agree that it already markets itself.

Remember, all the features we mentioned are not exaggerated. We confirmed all of them. This steam mop is one of the best in the market, and you’ll be glad you bought it.