How to Unblock a Steam Mop

Steam mops are gradually gaining global acceptance and recognition all over the world. The reason is not farfetched. With all the benefits and uses of steam mops, one will understand why it is in almost every home.

A steam mop makes use of scalding steam to dust, clean, and mop floors. That is not all; the heat emanating from steam mops kills germs and all microorganisms. Moreover, some steam mops release disinfectants.

This development aims at providing sanitary solutions to floor cleaning. It is always advisable for people with kids to have these types of steam mops at home.

You know that toddlers soil and smear floors a lot? Hence, having a steam mop at home helps to remove tough spots, stains, and putrid odors that kids can create.

Some other types of steam mops come in fragrances. These floor cleaning devices leave your room smelling fresh and nice all day.

While you may have air fresheners in the house, adding a fragrance-producing steam mop is not a bad idea. The fragrance from the device will complement that of the air freshener, making the home neat, clean, and sweet-smelling.

How to Unblock a Steam Mop?

Sometimes, you may discover that your mop is not giving off steam. In such cases, the likely problem may be nozzle blockage. If you should encounter such a problem, you need to try the steps discussed below.

1. Detach the Nozzle from the Steam Mop

The first step is to detach the nozzle from the steam mop. There is no way you can confirm that the steam mop is clogged or blocked without separating it.

But ensure not to connect your machine to an electrical outlet before performing this activity. Unplugging your device is the first safety precaution that you must adhere to.

2. Use of vinegar

Fill the tank with vinegar instead of the usual water you use for cleaning. You can leave the solution in the tank overnight, and then steam it the next morning. The heated vinegar is a potent solution that can clear the particles blocking the steam mop.

Some people add it to the water that they steam for floor cleaning purposes. Water and vinegar solution are compatible with tiles, vinyl floors, as well as linoleum.

It is imperative to note that the solution is not suitable for all floor types. Besides, regular use of this solution helps to prevent nozzle blockage; thus, an excellent maintenance idea.

Most manufacturers of steam mops instruct owners to make use of distilled water only. If you read through the manual, you will find other instructions.

This is why it’s always essential to read manuals or user guides before attempting to operate electrical and electronic appliances. Regular use of hard water usually leads to clogged nozzles.

3. Try using a Descaling Pin

Another method to unblock the nozzle of your steam mop is to use a descaling pin. A descaling pin is a type of pin designed to poke the hole at the tip of the nozzle of a steam mop.

When there is a blockage at the tip of the nozzle, the descaling pin pokes the hole. This action helps to rid the steam mop of build-ups, thereby enabling the device to function correctly again.

4. Application of Descaling Agents

There are descaling agents meant for the unblocking of steam mops. These agents are acidic, making it possible to dissolve dirt and build-ups in the nozzle.

Once you remove the mineral substances or particles blocking the nozzle, your steam mop should start working fine again.

5. Use of baking Soda

Some steam mop engineers make use of baking soda for unblocking steam mops. To do this, you can add about one and a half ounce of the soda to one-quarter ounce of clean water. Mix the two substances in a bowl then fill the tank with the solution.

Plug it to an electrical outlet to steam. The steamed solution will remove all the build-ups and dirt blocking the nozzle. People try this solution most of the time, and it proves that the method is effective.

Here is the Unblocking Process:

Once you fill the tank with any solution, leave it for some hours before plugging into an electrical outlet. The solutions suitable for unblocking a steam mop include descaling agents and water solution or vinegar and water solution.

You can also try the baking soda and water solution. It is advisable to leave the solution in the steam mop for at least five hours. After leaving it for that period, plug it to a power source and allow it steam for 100 degrees Celsius.

You should run the steam mop to its highest temperature. Now, empty the tank and steam again with clean or distilled water. Your machine should now be in proper condition. If that isn’t enough, you can make use of the descaling pin.

Final Verdict

This article provides steps on how to unblock a steam mop. A lot of times, steam mop owners complain about this problem. Many people do not know how to fix it. Some people even decide to replace it, concluding that it is beginning to malfunction.

This is usually not the case, and considering the price of such machines, it is necessary to know how to fix such a problem. Once you follow the manufacturer’s instruction to use only clean or distilled water, facing such a problem will be minimal.

What this point implies is that you will not have to encounter such a problem frequently. It will equally help to extend the durability of your machine. The use of vinegar is recommendable.

And since the steam mop cleans dirt, dust, and other debris, it is advisable to clean the nozzle regularly. If you cannot do that regularly, at least you should be doing it once in a while. This method will prevent debris build-up as well as help to increase the life span of the steam mop.