How to Operate Shark Steam Mop

Shark steam mops function on three levels or modes. These modes are dust, mop, and scrub modes. One button works for all three modes. You press the button once, and you are in the dust mode. You press the button a second time, and it switches you to the mop mode.

The third press directs you to the scrub mode. This concept is commendable because it reduces the number of buttons on the machine.

The mop pad is washable. And while some steam mops may take minutes to steam, the Shark steam mop only takes thirty seconds. Despite all these features, the Shark steam mops are one of the least expensive steam mops in the marketplace.

How to Operate Shark Steam Mop?

Apart from being one of the best steam mops that offer the utmost value for money, it is also one of the easiest. Shark steam mops boast of simplicity. And below are some of the steps to take on how to operate one.

1. Read the manual

The user guide or manual is an essential requirement. When you go through it, you will learn more about how to operate the steam mop. The manual will also provide additional information, such as its maintenance and storage.

2. Fill the tank with distilled water

If you study the user guide, you will find this information there. If distilled water is not available at the moment, you should use some clean water. Hard or dirty water allows mineral deposits and other particles to settle in the cleaner, thus, leading to nozzle blockage.

3. Plug it to an electrical outlet

Once you fill the tank with water, the next step is to connect your device to an electrical outlet. You only need to wait for about thirty seconds for the water to steam. When you observe that the water is boiling, you can now get to work.

While cleaning your floor, you can go back and forth on all areas to get an impressive result. This method will result in a brand new looking floor.

4. Switching the cleaning modes

There is a button on your steam mop. That button controls three different settings. So, depending on the type of floor cleaning you want to undertake, the button will be useful. When you press the button once, you are on the dust mode.

This level is ideal for dust cleaning. If you need to go a bit deeper, then you should press the button again. This time, you will be on the mop mode. This mode is where the steam-cleaning comes into play.

To steam-clean, pump the steam with the mop’s handle. The more you pump with that handle, the more steam, the cleaner releases. The third level moves you to the scrub level. This is the stage where you tackle tough stains and spots.

You steam the floor and scrub. And by going back and forth a few times, you should be able to remove any spot and stain. In turn, your floor should be immaculate and spotless now.

5. Remove the components

After every use, always endeavor to remove all the parts. When you want to perform any cleaning job, you should attach all the necessary accessories again. This technique is one of the best ways to keep your piece of equipment in good condition.

What to do If your Steam Mop is not Producing Enough Steam?

After using your steam mop a few times, you may notice that your steam mop no longer produces enough steam. This problem occurs with virtually all steam mops. So in such cases, you may try this trick. Loosen the cap of your water tank.

The idea is to release the pressure from the steam. The moment the steam releases the pressure, you will hear the sound, indicating that the pressure is gone. Now, your machine should be working fine and producing enough steam.

How to Clean Your Mop Pad?

How to clean your Mop Pad

One advantage of Shark steam mops is that the mop pads are washable. Below are some of the methods by which you can wash or clean it.

1. Washing in the sink

You can wash your mop pad in the sink. It is that convenient. With this method, you only need your regular soap or detergent. Apply the soap on the pad, scrub thoroughly, and rinse with plenty of water.

2. Using a washbasin

Another method of cleaning your mop pad is washing it in a washbasin. You can wash it the same way you wash your fabrics, and then rinse with a lot of water.

3. Soaking in detergent

Another convenient and easy means of washing a mop pad is to soak it in a bowl of detergent. Leave it for about thirty to forty-five minutes to allow all the dirt wash away. Then scrub gently and rinse with water. Besides, you can add some bleach to the soap before soaking the mop pad in it.

But in this case, do not allow it to extend beyond fifteen minutes before washing up. Staying too long in a bleach solution will weaken the pad, which implies that you won’t use it much before replacing it.

Final Verdict

It is obvious why the Shark steam mop is gaining relevance and popularity. The steam mops are affordable, even though they are incredibly efficient and effective. The machines work on three levels, thereby providing thorough floor cleaning.

The initiative helps to leave floors sparkling clean- moreover, steaming helps to rid the floor of germs and bacteria.  Despite being an inexpensive cleaning device, it is equally easy to maintain.

More information on its maintenance is in the user guide. If you need to purchase one, I will recommend Amazon. On the platform, you will find a wide range of Shark steam mops with great deals.