How to Fill a Shark Steam Mop

Shark has become a reputable brand in the manufacture of steam mops. There is no doubt; their steam mops are among the best in the market. People have always asked us to educate them on how to fill a steam mop with water.

In response to the request, we have given the steps involved in filling a steam mop with water. We decided to use the Shark brand for our explanation. So, this report is on how to fill a Shark steam mop with water.

To make this piece enjoyable, we have simplified the terms. We also talked about the mistakes to avoid in using the steam mop after filling it with water. Without further ado, let’s begin to explain the steps.

Filling a Shark Steam Mop with Water:

First Step: Open the bottle

Start by unplugging the steam bottle. Turn the cap counterclockwise until it you unscrew it entirely. Then, you can remove it.

Second Step: Pour some water

The next step is to fill the tank with water. Remember, you need to pour either tap water or distilled water. If you use water from other sources, scale may build up over time. This buildup will hamper the productivity of the steam mop.

Pour the water with its filling flask. Take note of the maximum mark on the tank. That is where the water should reach. If the water level is higher than the level, leaks may occur. It is needless to remind you that leaks could damage the mop.

Third Step: Close the tank

After filling the tank, close it. Close it by screwing it in a clockwise direction until it is tight. That’s all. The process is easier and shorter than you thought, right? Thanks to Shark. Simplicity is one of their trademarks.

Mistakes to Avoid

Over the years, we have observed that users make different mistakes in the use of their steam mops. Unfortunately, some of these mistakes shorten the lifespan of the mops. Find some of the mistakes below and take note of them.

1. Don’t attach the cloth after plugging the Steam Mop

Steam mops heat up so fast, and the base where the cloth is attached gets so hot. If you connect it before attaching the cloth, you risk electric shock if the cloth is wet. You also risk burn if the base is too hot. The right order is to attach the cloth first before you plug the mop.

2. Don’t leave it idle after plugging it

You can plug in your mop in readiness to start cleaning, and your phone rings or something distracting happens. In that situation, unplug the steam mop before you do any other thing.

If you leave it plugged, the chances are high that the area that the pad is resting on could get burnt because the mop will continue to get hotter and hotter.  It could burn that area of your floor.

3. Vacuum your floor first

Although there are steam mops that also work as a vacuum cleaner, many mops are not like that. We will advise you never to use your mop on your floor without vacuuming it first. You know why? The mop could pick some crumbs, dust, or sand. The dirt or debris will hinder the performance of the mop.

4. The tank is for only water

The reservoirs of most steam mops are for water only. So, don’t include any other substance in the tank of your mop. It may damage it. The user manual is essential because it prevents you from making this type of mistake.

5. Read the user manual first

Don’t make the common mistake of not reading your user manual before using your mop. The manual usually comes with a lot of information on how to handle the machine.

It also gives details on how to take care of the mop. Most importantly, it provides information on how to troubleshoot it in case there is a problem with it.

6. Don’t clean with a dirty mop cloth

Have you ever cleaned your window with a dirty piece of cloth? What happened? The cloth kept smearing the glass with its dirt. This phenomenon applies to mop cloth.

It will only begin to spread its dirt on your floor. So, it is a good idea to wash the cloth after every cleaning session. You’ll keep getting top performance from your mop that way.

7. Never use the steam mop on your wall

It may be tempting to use your steam mop on your wall. Some people have made this mistake before. The mop will clean your wall, of course. But, it will also cause your paint to start peeling. Once a part of your paint peels off, the peeling will continue.

8. Don’t store your mop with wet or dirty cloth

After cleaning, you should remove the mop cloth, launder it and store it separately. When you need to clean again, you’ll use a new cloth. If you store your mop with wet cloth, it could lead to the growth of mold and mildew.

9. Don’t store your mop with water

Once you finish using the steam mop, please dispose of the remaining water before storing it. We don’t advise you to store the unit with the remaining water in its tank. You need to use fresh water each time you want to use the mop. That’s the way to get top performance from your mop all the time.

10. Keep it away from your children

Our kids watch all our actions, so it is possible that your kids already know that you usually plug the mop into an outlet. They may try it when you are not at home. To avoid burns, store your steam mop away from your children.

Final Verdict

After going through this write-up, you should now know how to fill a Shark steam mop with water. Also, you should have armed yourself with the common mistakes to avoid while using your Shark steam mop.

The tips are not for only Shark steam mops but all mops generally. When you follow the tips outlined above, your mop will be in top condition all the time, and it will last longer.