how to clean haan steam mop pads

The Haan steam mop does a speedy job on your floor. It is also easy to use. It is excellent in all areas it reaches as it works without leaving streaks. A lot of steam mop sellers deal in about two or three Haan products. If you visit the Amazon website, you will find a variety of Haan steam mops.

Some Haan steam mops come with floor-scrubbing attachments. And there is another one called SV60 steaming vacuum, which steams and vacuums. These Haans floor-cleaning devices are suitable for grout cleaning.

To leave your room smelling nice and sweet after steam-cleaning, the Haans manufacturer produced steam scents. They have three fragrances or aromas- juicy orange, fresh apple, and freesia breeze. All three smell good, so if you are a lover of scents, you can go for any of them.

Another advantage of Haans steam cleaning machines is that they are portable. So, you can move your piece of equipment from one room to another with ease. With this device, you can finish your floor cleaning jobs in no time, even if you live in a penthouse.

How to Clean Haan Steam Mop Pads?

1. Wash with Normal Detergent

You may have been wondering if it is possible to clean your steam mop pad. Well, yes, you can. You can wash the reusable steam mop pad thoroughly with regular detergent. All you need do is soak the pads in your regular laundry detergent for about thirty minutes.

This method will allow all the dirt and mineral deposits that build up to wash away. This method also works excellently for traditional fabrics; therefore, it should not be difficult to adopt.

2. Add some Baking Soda

As mentioned above, soak your mop pad in your regular detergent. Now, add about a tablespoonful of baking soda. Leave the mop pad in the soap for about fifteen to twenty minutes, and then wash up. After washing, rinse with a lot of water. You can then sun-dry it. Baking soda is very effective in getting rid of dirt and stains.

3. Wash in a Machine

Another method is to use the washing machine. Ensure that you remove your steam mop an electrical outlet before detaching the pad from the head. Also, make sure that the mop head is cold before you perform that action.

You can easily remove the mop pad from the mop head when it’s cold. Put the mop pads you want to wash in the washing machine then add your regular laundry detergent. Now, you can get your machine running. You can wash the pads on a normal cycle.

4. Add Half cap of Bleach

Whether you are washing the mop pads by hand or using a washing machine, adding about a half cup of bleach is recommendable. Adding bleach helps to eliminate bacteria.

However, it is a powerful chemical that can soften the texture of your mop pad and any other fabric. So, do not exceed fifteen minutes when you soak your mop pad in laundry detergent mixed with bleach.

Another advantage of washing your pad with bleach is that it helps to brighten and whiten fabrics. To keep your machine in a pristine condition, proper maintenance and regular mop cleaning is advisable.

With frequent washing, your mop pad will remain white and bright. Using vinegar or baking soda will prevent the nozzle of your steam mop from blocking too.

Things to Consider When you Purchase a Haans Steam Cleaner?

1. Read the manual

As usual, it is always advisable to read the manual or user guide anytime you buy a new product. Please, don’t assume that you already know how to operate it. Aside from that, manuals usually provide instructions, warning, as well as other pieces of useful information.

So, even if you used a similar product before, go through the manual to be sure that they have the same features. There is certainty that if you study the manual, you’ll learn how to clean the pads of your steam mop.

2. Always empty the tank

Ensure always to empty the tank anytime you carry out a floor cleaning activity. This idea should help to keep your floor cleaner in perfect condition.

It is noteworthy that you cannot escape mineral deposit build-up. However, this regular maintenance procedure will help to extend the durability of the steam mop.

3. Always clean the mop head

Aside from the mop pad, it is essential always to clean the mop head after every use. This concept will help to avoid dirt and debris build-up.

Final Verdict

Based on the information provided in this article, you should now understand why Haans steam mops are popular. The steam mops are easy to use, and they do an impressive job by making the floor brand new and streak-free. Moreover, they are lightweight, making them recommendable for every home.

Maintaining a Haans steam mop does not require difficulty. But when your device is not steaming, here is a simple trick that does the magic. Mix about one-quarter cup of vinegar with a three-quarter cup of water.

Fill the steam mop tank with the solution. Leave it for about five hours, and then plug in your cleaning device. Allow it to steam to its highest temperature. Turn off your machine and empty the tank.

Fill the tank again with clean or distilled water. Turn on the device and repeat the previous process. This process will enable your piece of equipment to continue to steam.

Furthermore, you will agree that the healthiest and most hygienic way to clean your home is through steaming. Scalding water kills 99.9% germs and all other microorganisms. Steam is also preferable to environmentally-unfriendly and hazardous chemical agents.

So, if you need to purchase a Haan steam mop, I will recommend Amazon once again. You can select from a variety of steam mops. You can also arrange for how they can help you deliver it at your home.